The People in Your Neighbourhood

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(Stolen shamelessly from Elaine Shannon)

Remember the Sesame Street song “Who are the people in your neighbourhood“?  (You can view the video on Youtube)  Well, neighbourhoods have changed, haven’t they.  Many of the people I do business with, or turn to for support, I never see in person.  We communicate via email, Skype, and Facebook.  They might live across the country, or even in other countries, but they’re still my “neighbourhood”.

Here are some of the people in my neighbourhood. Who are the people in YOUR neighbourhood?

Chris Deakin, of, is my go-to guy for technology questions.  Yes, he’s  my brother, and he does live in the same town as me, and that’s been a real blessing in many ways (some  not even related to his areas of expertise!).  If Chris wasn’t one of the people in my neighbourhood, you likely wouldn’t be reading this blog!

Krista Green, of Krista Green International, rocks my world.  She is a business coach par excellence, and also one of the kindest and most generous people I know.

Meredith Egan, Quaker friend and staff person at Wild Goat Executive Coaching is another dear person in my neighbourhood.  Meredith is one of the people I bounce ideas off, knowing I’ll get an honest opinion and some helpful suggestions.  She helps me maintain my centre, and reminds me to listen to that still small voice within.  We all need someone like Meredith in our lives.

Who inspires, supports, helps, makes you laugh, makes your life better?   Who are the people in YOUR neighbourhood?


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