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Organizing “Red Flags”

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There are phrases we, as organizers, hear over and over from our clients.  If you wave one of these red flags in front of us, you’d better know that we’re going to react!  Here’s a sampling…

n.b. This is a very brief overview.  Individual situations will vary, of course.


1. If I ever (fill in the blank), I&
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Ten 10-Minute Organizing Tasks

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Ten 10-Minute Organizing Tasks


Got ten minutes? Here are ten organizing tasks you can do in ten minutes or less:




•  Clean out your medicine cabinet. Get rid of old makeup, expired medicines and toiletries you haven't used in months.

• Weed out 10 file folders. Invest just one minute or less per file folder. Get rid of anything outdated or no longer useful.

• Clear off a surface. Whether the surface is a table, a dresser, a desk or countertop, re
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