Travel Wisdom

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Travel Wisdom

Because it’s Spring Break, and because I’ll be doing some traveling in the next while, my mind is on travel tips. I’ll share a few here over the next while. If you’ve got some, please share too!

  1. Seat selection: The sun coming through an airplane window can be too hot, causing you to close the blind so you miss the view from that window seat after all. When flying eastbound, choose seats A, B, or C. Westbound, choose D, E, or F.
  2. Did you know that if you miss a connecting flight and the airline is at fault, and their next flight is not for a while, you can request that they put you on an earlier flight with another carrier? You need to show why you would be “seriously inconvenienced” by the delay. (IATA Resolution 735d)
  3. If you travel often (or if you have to leave early in the morning), indulge in a complete second set of toiletries, and keep them packed and ready to go. No more remembering to pack your deodorant after you’ve used it!
  4. If you’re wearing running shoes you’re less likely to have to remove them at security. They don’t have steel shanks, so they won’t set off the metal detectors. That said, most major airports in Canada and all airports in the US make you take off your shoes anyway. If going through security at one of these airports, slip-ons will be your best bet.
  5. Do you park your car in the lot at the airport, train station, or ferry terminal? Do you have fun and expensive gadgets that usually plug into the cigarette lighter / accessory plug? I bet you take the gadgets out and stash them, but do you put the lighter / plug back into the outlet? If you leave it open, it’s a signal to thieves that there may be valuable goodies hidden inside your car.
  6. When booking a hotel, go ahead and ask for the corporate rate! Even if you’re self-employed, or you work for someone else, you may still qualify. Often a business card is all you need… (That said, you may still get better rates by booking through a reseller on the Internet. Still, it’s worth checking.)
  7. Also on the subject of hotel rates, if you’re booking by phone it’s almost always better to call the hotel directly than to call the toll-free central booking number. Staff on the premises are better placed to know how full they are (or aren’t), and to offer better rates or free upgrades.
  8. Dealing with jet lag. There’s a lot of advice out there about this one, so I won’t dwell on it. Here’s my #1 most important piece of advice – Don’t keep translating in your mind to what the “real” time is! The “real” time is the time you’re in, and grumbling to yourself over breakfast that it’s “really” four a.m. is only going to make the adjustment harder for you (and everyone around you!). Be kind to yourself as much as possible, but strive to live as though there was no time change. You’ll feel better for it. Really!

Are there things you’ve learned that make traveling easier, safer, or more efficient? Share them with us!


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