More about shopping!

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Here's a great article from Derek Thompson, senior editor at The Atlantic, on what induces us to spend money, and how it makes us feel:  The 11 Ways That Consumers Are Hopeless at Math.  It'll make you look at things differently the next time you're shopping!  And it's a good follow-on to my article about saving time and money!

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Organizing “Red Flags”

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There are phrases we, as organizers, hear over and over from our clients.  If you wave one of these red flags in front of us, you'd better know that we're going to react!  Here's a sampling…

n.b. This is a very brief overview.  Individual situations will vary, of course.

  1. If I ever (fill in the blank) I'll need that.

    The truth is, most people never do those things on the "if I ever" list.  And if you ever do refinish the laundry room, lose 10 pounds, or go to a black-tie formal, you won't remember t

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Organizing supplies!

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There's a new organizing supplies store in town!  For readers in Victoria, that is. Janet Young, of All Organized Storage, has opened a storefront location at 3370 Tennyson Avenue.  You can look at and play with all her different closet systems there, and now you can also shop for things like jewellery organizers, storage boxes, wine racks, and much more.  View the catalogue online or drop into the store. Tell her Stephanie sent you!

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