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Making a Difference

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Today's post that isn't about organizing things.  It's about organizing people, and the importance of grassroots protest. I was told recently that one person can't make a difference in the world's problems.  That's clearly not true.  Look at Ghandi.  Nelson Mandela. Susan B. Anthony.  They each started out as one person, acting as they felt they must.  One person, given the knowledge, motivation, and resources, can make a difference on a global scale (eventually).  However ... One person, acting locally and independently, is NOT going to make a difference.  For instance, I can protes
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The To-Do List Blues

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We all know that feeling of doom that descends on us when there's a big job on our to-to list. (In fact, many's the time I've got lots of other jobs done in the service of postponing that one task I'm avoiding.) What is less obvious is that the same feeling of oppression and being overwhelmed can be created by having a whole bunch of small jobs that have been hanging around forever. This feeling is more insidious, because you can't point to one thing and say, "If I could just get X done, I'd get rid of this feeling."

So, here are some tactics for dea
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The Rube Goldberg Effect

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Do you remember Rube Goldberg?  He was an American cartoonist best known for his "Goldberg machines".  His cartoons depicted complex sets of instructions for completing simple, everyday tasks.  For instance, his Self-Operating Napkin required 13 steps to wipe one's mouth with one's table napkin! Rube's cartoons were a gentle, humorous way of reminding us that we have a tendency to make the simplest tasks more complicated than they need to be.  When we do that, we get exhausted just thinking about the job! How we perceive a task directly affects our willingness to do it.  If a task can
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Why hire an organizer?

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A Professional Organizer is an individual who creates customized solutions to increase the efficiency of any home, office or individual ... Professional Organizers help their clients to find balance, restore order, and maximize their time and resources at home, office and workplace locations. Let Re:Organized! help optimize your time and resources, reduce stress, simplify your life, and beautify your surroundings. Not sure you need a Professional Organizer? Take this quiz! Do you need to hire a Professional Organizer? Take this simple quiz...

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