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New Partnership!

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As of January 1, 2014, Re:Organized! has taken over as principal operator of Clutter Queen Services. After 10 years as sole owner/operator of Clutter Queen, Barbara has passed her crown for the uncluttering and organizing end of the business to Stephanie. Barbara will remain on board, offering sale preparation advice for people selling their homes. Barbara also has an e-book soon to be published, “The Clutter Queen Spills”, as well as a variety of tip sheets. We’re still in the process of updating the website and contact info, but you can see the existing sit
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Organizing supplies!

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There's a new organizing supplies store in town!  For readers in Victoria, that is. Janet Young, of All Organized Storage, has opened a storefront location at 3370 Tennyson Avenue.  You can look at and play with all her different closet systems there, and now you can also shop for things like jewellery organizers, storage boxes, wine racks, and much more.  View the catalogue online or drop into the store. Tell her Stephanie sent you!
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The To-Do List Blues

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We all know that feeling of doom that descends on us when there's a big job on our to-to list. (In fact, many's the time I've got lots of other jobs done in the service of postponing that one task I'm avoiding.) What is less obvious is that the same feeling of oppression and being overwhelmed can be created by having a whole bunch of small jobs that have been hanging around forever. This feeling is more insidious, because you can't point to one thing and say, "If I could just get X done, I'd get rid of this feeling."

So, here are some tactics for dea
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