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Mustard Seed Reno

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Re:Organized is proud to be an official sponsor of the Mustard Seed Extreme Makeover, a community-based total renovation of Victoria's biggest food bank and community centre, happening May 23 to June 2! Stephanie drew up the plans for renovating the housewares and the clothing storage rooms, and our team of professional organizers will descend on the Mustard Seed on Saturday to start putting things away. Paul Latour, cre
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Organizing supplies!

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There's a new organizing supplies store in town!  For readers in Victoria, that is. Janet Young, of All Organized Storage, has opened a storefront location at 3370 Tennyson Avenue.  You can look at and play with all her different closet systems there, and now you can also shop for things like jewellery organizers, storage boxes, wine racks, and much more.  View the catalogue online or drop into the store. Tell her Stephanie sent you!
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The People in Your Neighbourhood

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(Stolen shamelessly from Elaine Shannon)

Remember the Sesame Street song "Who are the people in your neighbourhood"?  (You can view the video on Youtube)  Well, neighbourhoods have changed, haven't they.  Many of the people I do business with, or turn to for support, I never see in person.  We communicate via email, Skype, and Facebook.
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