Our Clients Speak

We love our clients! and our clients love us too. Here are some of the comments we’ve received…


“Many thanks for your professional, friendly help to us as we moved. As Harry aptly said yesterday: “Worth every penny.” You brought a lightness to the task. It was fun getting to spend time with you…”  ~ Marjory


“Thank you for all your help during the huge task of downsizing and preparing to move. We appreciated your “gentle touch” and friendly manner helping me let go of some of my stuff.” ~ Peggy


“Mum and dad both often say that you were such a help to mum and so easy to work with. Many thanks from me.” ~ Donna


“It’s been a real sanity saver for me to have you available…! Thanks so much. ~ Kate


“Re:Organized packed up my household for a recent move. The advantages were many. The weeks and days leading up to the move were relaxed. The tension and drudgery of packing was largely off my shoulders. Stephanie was careful, quick, reliable, and committed to finishing the job. Even the movers commented that it was well packed. Nothing was damaged in the move. I highly recommend you use Re:Organized for your next move.”  ~ Carolyn


“Due to our own personal situation, we sold our 3500 sq. ft. house in May 2009 and had to move within a month.  I put Stephanie in charge of our whole move and relocation. She was able to visualize suitable items and furnishings to take from our old house to our new house which was considerably smaller, and what items to store, auction and donate to charity. During the entire move/relocation (to a tiny house in Oak Bay) Stephanie was able to help and worked like a trooper providing many much-needed and helpful suggestions.

It was refreshing to be in new surroundings, but we needed a lot of help ‘settling in’ and Stephanie ‘invented space’ by putting up shelves, structuring closets and drawers and was able to suggest trades people and other contacts for larger jobs.”  ~ Theresa


“Stephanie has made [our business] a much more positive place to work … We appreciate her efforts immensely. I have no hesitation in recommending her effort, her enthusiasm and pleasant, collaborative and friendly nature.”  ~ Robert


“I can’t believe how much you got done in such a short time!”  ~ Lynne


“Thank you for helping me set up my business. Your expertise certainly showed up in every detail you gave us.”  ~ Janine